Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Hello, and welcome.

Shall we start with introductions?

We are Paul and Camila, an English-Brazilian couple living in London. Our passion for music drew us together and through mutual friends, we finally met.

Through the years we've been together, we've changed. We never gave much thought about what we ate - even though we always enjoyed tasty food.

We never asked ourselves where the things we bought came from (and aren't products just supposed to come in packs anyway?).

Plus, the amount of car boot sale finds overflowed in our small apartment...

One day, we saw an article about a girl who managed to fit 2 years worth of rubbish into a single mason jar. That was inspiring! Though it didn’t seem very feasible to us at the time.

Since giving it a try almost a year ago, we’ve never looked back. It’s actually much easier than we thought it would be – from making our own products to refusing unrecyclable packaging whenever possible.

Although we wouldn’t consider ourselves hardcore “zero wasters”, we do take the concept into account in our daily lives.

So you might be asking, “what to expect from this blog?”

We hope to share with you our favourite plant-based recipes, thoughts on minimalism, tips and tricks around zero waste and alternatives to the ‘norms’ that surround us. It’s still a long journey – and we are excited to take you along with us!

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