Wednesday, June 15, 2016


We are homebodies. An ideal day for us consists of going out in the morning for groceries and then coming back home to cook and hang around the house all day.

Every time we have a whole day together, we like to go around our flat and reassess the stuff we own. During the past year we have pared down so much, I would say we have around a third of the amount of our original possessions.

Pruning our home and curating everything we would like to keep in our lives is a way to show we care about the environment in which we live in. Nesting is the result of a mind-set focused on gratitude and appreciating the space you inhabit.

Accumulating items that are not necessary for your day-to-day existence soon clutters up your living space – both physically and in other ways too. We find that removing such things can be very satisfying on many levels. In practical terms, there is less housework to take up your precious time - what with constant dusting, cleaning and what not.

There is also a pleasant feeling of release when you finally get rid of objects that aren’t essential (or in regular use). By ‘getting rid’, we don’t imply throwing stuff in the bin – far from it. We would normally sell, give away to friends/family, donate to charity shops, or simply leave on the street for anyone who wants them.

Overall, nesting is a habit worth acquiring. Appreciating every corner of your home, no matter how small, makes living in the now much easier. Letting go of unimportant things can be a very liberating experience.

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