Tuesday, January 10, 2017


This is 2017. Our plans to get started with this blog in 2016 didn’t quite work, but better to be back later than never.

2016 was a year of adaptation and huge changes in our routine and lifestyle. Whilst we had to give in and let go some of our intentions – like strictly shopping locally sourced produce – we managed to solidify our core values more than ever in the previous years.

In the past year, we have learnt a lot about how to be a more conscious consumer and better human beings in general. Our meals became more flavoursome and meaningful, our home became less cluttered and so did our minds.

There is something that draws people into starting fresh in the New Year. Having this imaginary clean slate is sometimes essential as an initial push to let go of past frustrations and goals that weren’t fulfilled until then.

Speaking of goals, our ones are forever changing, transforming. We have a few that we always try to accomplish year after year: read a book a month, exercise more, grow as a person, etc.

This year, I am keeping things simpler with my specialised goals. I, Camila, want to finally get a driving licence and be consistent with blog and youtube. I also intend to jog more often and to do a one-month yoga challenge at some point this year.

Paul seems to really want to focus on his health and exercise right now, also pursue his music career like every single year.

New Year resolutions don’t need to be daunting - they are supposed to be guidelines for the life you wish to live, in your most ideal conditions. After all, it’s not a calendar change that will make you change, being that as symbolic as it is.

We hope that you had a great start to the year and that together, we can share more of our goals and ways to make them as feasible as possible. Thank you for coming by and see you very soon.

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