Friday, January 13, 2017


If there was one thing that first bonded us together, it would have to be our love for vintage and boot fairs and charity shops. We both had a similar mind-set when it came to purchasing things, even before our minimalist journey started.

We always aimed for quality items, but we weren’t fans of their price tags. That meant we often looked for said items in charity shops, car boot sales and occasional vintage fairs as well. Little we knew that it was also the most sustainable way to acquire material things in our society!

When looking for a particular item, there are a few guidelines we use that make the search faster and more direct. We will separate them in categories and make a little series with detailed explanations of how to spot certain items amongst so many low quality products out there.

Here are a few general tips for when looking for durable clothes or household items:

  • Stick to natural materials: cotton, linen and vintage wool for clothing items and cast iron, enamel and stainless steel for household items. Not only these are high quality materials comparing to synthetics, but also they are better for the environment when it is finally time to say goodbye to them. 

  • Look for where the item is coming from: There is a reason why people buy wool from Scotland or cast iron from Japan. Do some research and learn which countries are naturally abundant with each material and go from there, chances are that a product made in the country which its material is sourced will be of higher quality than the product made with imported material.

  • Don’t be afraid to dig in deep: If you find one or a couple of good items within a charity shop/fair stall, you will probably find more of the same if you keep looking for them. This is because people normally declutter in chunks; so it is most likely for them to donate/sell a few items at a time instead of the odd one.

We hope that these initial tips will get you inspired to look into your local thrift and charity shops with a different eye and that you will stick around for our more detailed posts that are to come.

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